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The Fitness Farm a one-of-a-kind gym dedicated to empowering your fitness journey and educating members with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve their fitness goals.

Our Services

Shared-Private Training

personal training

"Discover the power of Shared Private Training—a one-of-a-kind program where you share my expertise with fellow clients. But here's the twist: it costs less than group classes! What sets us apart? Each session is meticulously crafted by Dr. Kelly to align perfectly with your unique goals. Plus, enjoy the luxury of flexible scheduling and a 7-day gym access membership, all included. With on-site coaching, you'll receive expert guidance to ensure proper form and steady progression. Prepare for a truly tailored experience, dedicated solely to your needs. Ready to elevate your fitness journey? The first week is free. Join today! Starting at just $75 per week."

Why Choose The Fitness Farm?


Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

Comprehensive weightlifting equipment.


Equipment for Weightlifting, Strongman, and Bodybuilding to Obstacle course, HIIT training.


Atmosphere & Community

​​ An environment that echoes the ethos of old-school training with modern facilities and programs.


Perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all kinds with a sprawling 6,000 sqft of dedicated fitness space.


Location & Accessibility

Situated in the heart of Hayward Park, San Mateo. Conveniently accessible from El Camino, US 92, and US 101.


In close proximity to: Hillsdale Mall, Downtown San Mateo, Whole Foods & Trader Joes, Caltrain Station

Customer Reviews


Farm Strong Forever

"At The Fitness Farm, we're driven by the vision of Dr. Kelly Maguire, D.C., a seasoned Strength & Conditioning Coach and Athlete. His mission? To make everyone Farm Strong! This isn't just a catchphrase; it embodies functional strength, redefining fitness in a powerful way. Dr. Maguire challenges norms, fostering the inner athlete within each of us. Decades of experience have led us to a clear mission: to provide the highest quality program in the simplest, most affordable package. Join us and unleash your inner strength today!"

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